10 Million Passwords Became Public; The Findings Were Astonishing

By RMON Networks | May 1, 2017

Keeper Security, a company specializing in secure password management, conducted a review of the 10 MILLION passwords that became public in 2016 from various hacker attacks. What they found was shocking.

“One of the most common passwords used was “123456” with the second being QWERTY, which are the top keys on a keyboard – and these were used by webmasters to “protect” the digital keys to your website’s kingdom!”

Another very common mistake was that many passwords were six characters or shorter, which any brute-force password-cracking software can descramble in SECONDS. So while remembering all those passwords and changing them is a major pain in the butt, getting your website hacked or your bank account wiped out is even worse. Our advice is to create a password that is at LEAST 12 characters, with uppercase and lowercase letters, and numbers and characters such as ! or #. Of course, if you need help in remembering and organizing your passwords, there are several very good password management software tools such as LastPass and RoboForm that can keep all the passwords secure AND make it easy to cut off an employee’s access to various passwords and sites easily if they are let go or they quit.

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