3 Ways a Managed IT Services Team Can Help Your Organization.

By RMON Networks | August 22, 2018

Some days our engineers are cleaning up viruses. Other days they are completely overhauling computer networks. Our versatile team at RMON Networks spend their days working across multiple client’s networks, solving complex issues, consulting with business executives, and securing sensitive data.

A full team of Managed IT Services experts not only includes technical engineers, but also business consultants to work with you to ensure you are actually experiencing technology success.

Managed IT Services can help protect you from a data breach or security event.

Recently the media has reported many major data incidents that have happened to local organizations. Incidents have happened to the NH Dept of Health and Human Services, the Concord NH School District and most recently the City of Portsmouth, NH. Data incidents are not exclusive to the big box stores you see on TV. They are happening all around us, most are not seen in the media. Today, 43% of cyber-breach victims are small to mid-size businesses! Small businesses are at the greatest risk for an attack due to their low level of preparation. In addition to the typical low level of preparation, today’s “attack surface” is expanding, and threats are getting more sophisticated.

This is where a Managed IT Services Provider can help you. Instead of waiting until after a security incident, be proactive and consult with a technology expert to get prepared ahead of time. A great starting place is a Security Audit or Assessment. A network security assessment will give you a clear picture of the state of your current technology and will allow you to see in black and white data where your strengths and weaknesses are. Most importantly the results will show you how to begin improving your security posture.

Remember a data breach can go undetected for an average of 12-18 months, and many businesses do not realize a breach has happened until it’s too late. It’s estimated that cybercrime damages will cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021 (source). Have you considered what your costs of a data breach could be? Don’t be a statistic, it’s time to be proactive with your Network Security.

Managed IT Services can help you strategically plan and budget.

Most people reach out to an IT company because they are having difficulty managing and maintaining their own technology. Not just with the day to day tech issues that arise, but with the strategic guidance and planning that is greatly needed. Today’s businesses run on technology, which means having the right technology and plan for growth in place has never been more important. Utilizing Managed IT Services will provide you with access to the expertise your organization needs. You will gain access to dedicated resources like a Virtual Chief Technology Officer (vCTO) that will help you build a 3-year strategic IT roadmap and help you select technologies that align with your business growth. You will also gain access to a Business Account Manager that will assist in all your quarterly technology reviews, watch over complex issues to ensure they are resolved properly, and act as your technology advocate. Managed IT Services provides you with more than just one Network Administrator. You get all of the right resources needed to manage your technology properly, for a fraction of the cost.

Client Success Story

“CAI Inks began looking for a Managed IT Services provider that would find the solutions that corresponded with our business needs and had robust resources available for us when we needed them. We have found just that in the team at RMON Networks. They came in and listened to the challenges that we faced and recommended solutions that made sense for us. They have helped our organization implement new technology to help us improve our network efficiency and ability to communicate with multiple sites. We have peace of mind knowing we have a very knowledgeable local IT provider here to help us plan and implement new technology that will help our business today and into the future.”

CAI Inks – Thomas Tautfest

Managed IT Services can increase employee productivity & revenues.

Downtime can drastically reduce an employee’s productivity, and potentially cost your business money. When your technology systems are down your employees cannot work and cannot service your customers. A Managed IT Services provider utilizes tools to monitor the health of your IT systems, which will help reduce and prevent downtime, and allow your employees to be as productive as possible. Our proprietary tools watch for potential hardware failures, provide alerts if there is a power surge, automate security updates and much more. Additionally, your will gain a full IT Help Desk when you work with a Managed IT Services Provider. We all know how frustrating it can be when your computer is not working. RMON Networks offers instant response when you call in to our help desk, getting your staff back to work quickly. Proactively improving your technology and reacting quickly to issues will increase the productivity of your team.

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How can RMON Networks Help you?

RMON Networks offers a comprehensive portfolio of IT Services for all types of organizations throughout New England. Although RMON Networks has a long list of clients from a variety of industries, we have a long-standing history working with Local Government, Nonprofit organizations, and Financial clients. In addition, the RMON team has been performing Cloud Consulting engagements and migrations for well over a decade.

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