Community Commitment

community commitment

RMON Networks continuously strives to affect our community in a positive way. We believe the true measure of success includes all the benefits others have gained from our achievements. We are committed to our community by providing quality jobs, volunteering and in-kind donations.

Strengthening Communities through involvement, volunteering, and donations.

Tim Howard

A message from our president.

“RMON Networks has been located in the Rockingham County area since our inception in 2001. We are committed to continuously improving the community is which we work and live.”

Tim Howard, President and CEO


Volunteering our time to the community.

The team members of RMON Networks sit on a variety of local boards in the area. Including The Plaistow YMCA, Greater Salem Chamber of Commerce, The Winning Opportunities for Women Committee and more. We believe in volunteering our time & skills to improve our community.


Providing quality internship programs.

Each year RMON Networks teams up with local colleges to provide paid summer internships to top students in a variety of programs from technology to business operations. We are proud to provide students an opportunity to gain hands on experience in the real world. Creating these programs support ongoing economic, workforce, and community development by promoting NH as a favorable place for young workers and recent college graduates to stay, work and play, when considering employment and lifestyle opportunities.



Each year RMON Networks sets aside a budget for community donations. It’s our hope that these donations will improve the communities in which we live and work. Our contributions are mainly focused in supporting the needs in our immediate area of Rockingham County and Merrimack Valley area, but consideration for an exception may be made.

Are you seeking volunteers or donations for your school, nonprofit, or special cause? Submit your full detailed request, and a RMON representative will be in touch with you.