By RMON Networks | December 15, 2014

Most people these days are using their mobile phone as their main computer. We are shopping online, social networking and even doing our banking online. We are providing our passwords, emails, credit information, and even allowing apps to access certain information. While all of this is extremely convenient it makes us a great target for cyber crime.

Using Bluetooth technology, or unsecured public WIFI leave us extremely vulnerable. Below are some suggestions to keep you safe on your mobile device.

Consider where you are connecting to: it can be safer to use your mobile network connection than to use public WIFI. Never leave your device out unattended, and if you do make sure it is password protected. Make sure you PIN numbers and Passwords are strong so if someone does take your device they cannot access sensitive information. Always keep your mobile software up to date, the second the software is out-dated you have a higher chance of being victim to cyber attacks. Also, if you have old apps you are no longer using you should delete them, this will also increase the security of your device.

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