Be Prepared for Growth with Cloud Solutions

By RMON Networks | June 9, 2015

Do business faster and better with cloud technology & cloud solutions

Twenty years ago “a rush order” meant overnight shipping. “After-hours” calls went to an answering machine. And a growth strategy was measured in years.

Now business moves faster. Communication is immediate and 24/7. And innovation happens at lightning speed. It’s exciting anything is possible! Yet, it can also feel overwhelming—how can a small or medium business possibly keep pace?

The answer is the right technology, specifically cloud solutions. The advances that are transforming the business world are the same tools you can employ to transform your company. Using cloud services and mobile devices, you can quickly adapt to change and grow your business, without expanding your budget.

Be prepared for growth

When your business is ready to grow, you can’t afford for your technology to hold you back. When customers are banging down your virtual door to buy your new product, you need to open it—now.

Buying and setting up new hardware can take weeks. But with a cloud solution, growth can take minutes. With Office 365, you can quickly equip new employees with the tools they need without a lengthy deployment process. Plus, with per-user licensing you can meet the demands of your workforce, pay for only what you use, and support nearly any mobile device.


    Adjust to changes in customer demand

    Need more storage? More support for your applications? You may need to address seasonal fluctuations rather than long-term growth.

    With a cloud hosting solution, such as Microsoft Azure, you can use services and apps—and add new ones—on an as-needed basis. For example, you can quickly expand file storage and apps such as order processing, inventory, and payroll in late August to handle a busy season from September through December; and just as easily reduce capacity in January to conserve costs. Instead of paying year-round for technology that is often underused, you pay only for what you’re actually using in a given month. And there are no costly delays or large capital investments when you change capacity, be it using Azure to host mobile apps or implement a new customer service.

    Stretch beyond your walls
    You can also use technology to expand your reach, work faster, and be more productive.

    Start with your employees’ devices. Are they all running Windows? If not, your workers might be wasting time struggling with different experiences across their devices. Standardizing on one platform, such as Windows, will improve employee productivity, while allowing for broad device choice, be it based on personal preference or job function.

    How about the applications running on your devices? Are they cloud-based? Move to Office 365 and your employees will still get the same Office experience they’re used to, whichever device they use, even if happens to be an iPad or Android-based device.

    And you can easily manage these devices and provide more secure mobile access to company data, through cloud-based device and PC management solutions like Microsoft Intune and Office 365.

    The bottom line
    We know that the world is moving faster than ever. With the right technologies in place, you can grow effectively, respond quickly to seasonal fluctuations, and outpace the competition.

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