Fiber Optic Cable Installation and Repairs

fiber optic cable

RMON Networks offers complete Fiber Optic Cable Installations and Repairs for businesses located in the New England area (NH, MA, VT, ME, RI).

Do you require massive bandwidth and faster connectivity? If so, installation of Fiber Optic Cable could be the best solution for your needs.

Fiber Optic Cable Installation Benefits:

  • Fiber optic cable provides extremely high bandwidth.
  • Fiber optic cables can run signals for longer distances than traditional copper cables.
  • Fiber optic cable also has a much smaller diameter than traditional cable to save more space.
  • Another great benefit not to be overlooked is the lowered security risk. Data or signals are transmitted via light in fiber optic transmission. Therefore there is no way to detect the data being transmitted by “listening in” to the electromagnetic energy “leaking” through the cable, which ensures the security of information.

RMON Networks offers end to end technology solutions from cable to cloud. Our team has the expertise to help you with all your cabling needs from fiber, voice, data, video to multimedia systems.

Contact us today to schedule a free site visit for your Fiber Optic Cable Installation consultation that will help you achieve your organizational goals.