Security Camera Installations

security camera system installations

RMON Networks offers complete security camera installations for businesses located in the New England area (NH, MA, VT, ME, RI).

Running an organization comes with a lot of responsibility. Protecting the company, people and data is a challenge we all face. Whether you are looking to monitor entrances, parking lots or employee conduct, RMON Networks can help you with your physical and cyber security needs. We offer top of the line security cameras to help keep your business safe and productive.

We pride ourselves on being pioneers in the technology space and strive to provide our customers with the best technology solutions. RMON Networks was the first company in the world to sell the Meraki MV32 digital fisheye cameras.

Our partners include: Bosch and Cisco Meraki

Meraki MV Series Cameras Cisco Meraki

Meraki MV Cameras

Cisco Meraki MV Smart Cameras are simple to deploy, configure, and operate. Like all Meraki products, the MV cameras are centrally managed via Meraki’s web-based dashboard and eliminate the cost and complexity required by traditional security camera solutions, such as the Network Video Recorder (NVR) and Video Management Software (VMS).

Meraki MV Camera Series Features

  • Scale rapidly across hundreds or thousands of sites, in a fraction of time compared to traditional camera systems.
  • Save time and effort traditionally spent finding video evidence with their dynamic Motion Search feature. Export and share video directly from dashboard via MP4 files.
  • Powerful built-in analytics that require no additional configuration, hardware, or software, which provide your organization with business intelligence to understand usage, patterns, and trends.
  • Meraki MV takes security seriously—all access to the cameras is encrypted with a public key infrastructure that includes automatic, individual camera certificates.
  • Two-factor authentication provides strong access controls.
  • Local video is also encrypted, by default.

MV Camera Series Highlights

Motion Search: Dynamically and retroactively select areas of interest in a video stream to find missing objects or analyze incidences. Export these clips directly from the dashboard to save time and effort.

Motion Heat Maps: Meraki MV Cameras can be used as sensors to make smarter business decisions. Motion heat map allows users to see relative motion in an area over time and provides insights into how an area is being used.

Bosch Security Cameras Bosch

Bosch security cameras deliver the highest quality images with resolutions up to 4K ultra HD, starlight technology for low light situations and thermal solutions for early detection in poor lighting situations. They also offer various software and hardware measures for enhanced data security, and multiple video analytics options.

Because video data is often highly critical and sensitive, Bosch is driving a systematic approach to maximize data security by considering physical safety and cyber security simultaneously. Their  approach is the key to achieving the highest standards in end-to-end data security. Bosch:

  • Assigns every component in the network an authentication key.
  • Secures data from hackers by encrypting it at the hardware level, using a cryptographic key that is safely stored in a unique built-in Trusted Platform Module (TPM).
  • Offers easy ways to manage user access rights ensuring that only authorized people have access to your data.
  • Can support the set-up of a Public Key Infrastructure.

Bosch “I” Cameras can support two different video analytics solutions to accommodate a wide variety of businesses, from small retail stores to massive airports.

Essential Video Analytics is the ideal analytics solution for small and medium businesses, large retail stores, commercial buildings, warehouses and logistics depots. Cameras equipped with this analytics option can be used for people counting and enforcing safety regulations.

Essential Video Analytics Features:

  • Advanced Intrusion Detection: such as loitering alarms and identifying a person or object entering a pre-defined field
  • Enforcing Health and Safety Regulations: such as no parking zones, detecting blocked emergency exits or objects that have been left behind
  • Analyzing behavior in retail environments

Intelligent Video Analytics offers the ultimate in built-in video analytics and is specifically designed for the most demanding environments. This analytics solution can do everything that Essential Video Analytics does plus it offers additional features.

  • It has the unique ability to perform video content analysis over large distances.
  • It can differentiate between genuine security events and known false triggers such as: snow, wind (moving trees) rain, hail, and water reflections that can make video date more difficult to interpret.
  • Cameras with Intelligent Video Analytics are extremely resistant against shaking caused by punishing winds, city traffic or bicycles parked against the camera pole.

RMON Networks Security Camera Installations include:

  • Hard wired security camera systems
  • Wireless camera systems
  • Outdoor security camera systems

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