Sound Masking Systems and Installations

Sound Masking Services

RMON Networks offers complete sound masking services for businesses located in the New England area (NH, MA, VT, ME, RI).

What is Sound Masking? Sound masking dynamically improves comfort and collaboration in the workspace by gently raising the ambient background sound uniformly with a clean, consistently random, broadband, non-intrusive sound. Sound masking changes the speech to noise ratio within a space.

The scientifically engineered sound is amplified through individual speakers installed above or in the ceiling throughout the space to create a uniform field of sound that ensures temporal and spatial uniformity. The system “fills” the plenum and filters down into the space below, without phasing, to gently raise the background sound level. This rise in sound level covers, or masks, unwanted office noise. As a result, noise from overheard speech becomes less intelligible.

Sound Masking Diagram

Why Use Sound Masking System Services?

People. Any organization’s greatest asset is the people they employ. Therefore, giving the individual the ability to think and do their work is paramount to everything else.

Sound masking should deliver speech privacy and comfort within the designed environment to allow collaborative and individual work spaces to co-exist. Employees will produce their best work in a non-stressful, comfortable environment and without proper acoustics this environment is unattainable.

Today’s workplace design is creating more open, collaborative environments and is reducing the number of closed office and group work spaces. The trend is towards more energy efficient and greener materials such as reclaimed woods, metals and glass which, as hard surfaces, reflect sound. Sound absorption materials such as carpet, fabric partitions, and even acoustical ceiling tile are disappearing from workplace design. Sound masking is one of the few options for managing sound and helping to create more comfortable environments in which to work.

RMON Networks’ team has the expertise to help you with all your sound masking needs. RMON Networks is proud to partner with Lencore who offers innovative sound masking solutions. Their i.Net Engineered System Solution uniquely addresses the proper requirements for sound masking, paging, and audio for today’s facilities. Each system successfully masks intrusive speech, creates privacy and delivers intelligible paging and audio solutions to ensure intended audiences are well informed and comfortable in their environments.

i.Net now offers a solution that meets the UL 2572 standard to interface with the Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP), in order to shutdown or mute the sound, in the event of a fire emergency. Moreover, i.Net is capable of reinforcing the fire alarm annunciation for a more intelligible message. Muting or shutting down the system is a requirement of NFPA 72 (2010 code and beyond) and the ADA. A product must meet the UL 2572 standard to interface with a FACP.

Three Types of Sound Masking Systems:

Networked Systems
Networked Systems are engineered to meet a facility’s specific needs while providing superior sound quality, extreme design flexibility, one point of control, virtually limitless zoning capabilities, easy expansion, and complete system access with the click of the re-mote or mouse, on site, off-site or around the world.
Non-Networked Systems
Non-Networked Systems are typically described as “set it and forget it” systems. These self-contained systems provide superior sound quality – giving you comfort and speech privacy. Wall-mounted or Infra-Red (IR) controls are available within these systems for control flexibility.
Self Contained Units
Self Contained Units are desktop and under-counter systems available for individual work stations.

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