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Office 365 & SharePoint Backup

So you’ve made the move to the cloud with Office 365, and are utilizing Hosted Exchange, and SharePoint as your file management system. Have you ever considered backing up your emails & SharePoint team sites? It’s important to know that deleted files will only be available for 14 to 30 days in your recycle bin.…

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Simple and reliable cloud integrated backup

Azure Backup: Simple and reliable cloud integrated backup Data is the heart of any organization and backing up this data is a key part of a business strategy. Cloud based backup solutions provide a reliable, inexpensive and scalable solution with zero capital investment and minimal operational expense. 99.9% availability guaranteed Reliable Offsite backup target Efficient incremental backups…

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Backup as a Service (BaaS) vs. Recovery as a Service (RaaS): 2 Major Distinctions

It seems like everything has the “as-a-Service” designation after it these days. As-a-Service products are changing the way companies procure and manage their IT. If you’ve come across BaaS and Raas, and you’re wondering what is best for your company, this article should help sort it out. It seems like everything has the “as-a-Service” designation…

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