Category: Network Security

Latest Tech Support Scam is Freezing Chrome Browsers

A recent Microsoft survey revealed that the number of reported tech support scams has grown by over 24% over the past year. While most of these incidents involve cold calls from fake customer service representatives, a substantial number of scams have also been initiated through website pop-ups and malicious email campaigns. Now, Malwarebytes has uncovered a new tech support…

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Planning for Windows 7 End of Life

Windows 7 will be end of life on January 14, 2020.  This date may seem far away, but really to properly plan and budget for this significant upgrade, your planning should begin now. Microsoft estimates that typical migrations, which start with creating a plan and finish with a deployment, can take between 18 and 32…

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Diminish Business Downtime and Keep Your IT Systems Secure with Remote Monitoring and Management.

While most businesses continue to invest in improving their technology infrastructure, they still face the ever-present threat of IT outages or failures known as business downtime. Any time that a vital system becomes unresponsive, you can expect adverse business effects. Collectively, these periods of network inactivity cost businesses an estimated 127 million person-hours every year…

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