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Snake Ransomware – the Newest Ransomware Threat Infecting Your Company’s Computers

What Is SNAKE Ransomware? Snake ransomware is the first malware threat that has been created in 2020. We are only 9 days in and hackers are already creating new ways to extort businesses! Snake ransomware is not targeting specific computers on a company’s network. The criminals behind it are targeting ALL computers on a network.…

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3 Public WiFi Security Risks and How You Can Avoid Them

Public WiFi is almost everywhere in today’s technology dominated world. Coffee shops, libraries, airports, hotels and businesses have installed hotspots to feed the growing demand for universal access to WiFi. While convenient to use, there are hidden security risks and dangers you should know about. Shady individuals can use techniques combined with special computer programs…

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BlueKeep, What Is It? Why Does It Matter? How You Can Stop It Completely!

What Is It? BlueKeep, referred to as  CVE-2019-0708 by Microsoft, is a software vulnerability affecting older versions of Microsoft Windows. Its risk is significant because it attacks an operating system’s Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), which connects to another computer over a network connection, according to Jeff Elder from “RDP has commonly been used as…

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