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Snake Ransomware – the Newest Ransomware Threat Infecting Your Company’s Computers

What Is SNAKE Ransomware? Snake ransomware is the first malware threat that has been created in 2020. We are only 9 days in and hackers are already creating new ways to extort businesses! Snake ransomware is not targeting specific computers on a company’s network. The criminals behind it are targeting ALL computers on a network.…

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BlueKeep, What Is It? Why Does It Matter? How You Can Stop It Completely!

What Is It? BlueKeep, referred to as  CVE-2019-0708 by Microsoft, is a software vulnerability affecting older versions of Microsoft Windows. Its risk is significant because it attacks an operating system’s Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), which connects to another computer over a network connection, according to Jeff Elder from “RDP has commonly been used as…

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