Category: Security Threats

Taking a Look at the True Cost of Ransomware

Imagine your business becomes the target of a ransomware attack. The situation is dire, and you need access to your data. You decide to pay the ransom, even though all security professionals advocate for the opposite. The worst is behind you, you think. This is unfortunately not the case; there are countless other costs that…

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Is Your Business One of These Ransomware Targets?

Ransomware does not discriminate by industry, audience, business size, or otherwise. It will always be a threat to your organization, no matter what you do or who you serve. Let’s take a look at some of the commonly targeted industries that ransomware is used against. Industries Commonly Attacked by Ransomware Ransomware can be used against…

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Snake Ransomware – the Newest Ransomware Threat Infecting Your Company’s Computers

What Is SNAKE Ransomware? Snake ransomware is the first malware threat that has been created in 2020. We are only 9 days in and hackers are already creating new ways to extort businesses! Snake ransomware is not targeting specific computers on a company’s network. The criminals behind it are targeting ALL computers on a network.…

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