Habits That Lead to Success

By RMON Networks | October 30, 2014

Keeping an eye on people who reach success, even if its in other industries can be a great way to find things to change in your approach to business, how you conduct yourself or even how to balance work and play. For example Richard Branson pictured above is the founder of Virgin Group, and is worth 5 Billion dollars. He recently talked about how he always make sure to hear input from the front lines and the customers.

Screw It, Let’s Do It

Richard Branson

Everytime  Richard flys on Virgin Air he will take time with staff to see what could change for the better and also sit and talk with passengers to hear about their experiences. He keeps a notebook and makes sure he listens to all these action items, and then when he gets back to home base he makes sure that he acts upon them. I know we do not all work in such large scale companies, but what to take away from what he talks about in this interview with INC.com is what HE did to get to where he is. Why not take a page from that book for your own?

Recently Entrepreneur.com put out an article about rich people do that poor people do not. Quite the spectrum to say rich compared to poor, but looking at some of the following examples you could imagine the difference sticking to the importance of these habits. Read the full list atEntrepreneur.com.

They know what needs to be done today.

“I maintain a daily to-do list.”
Rich people who agree: 81%
Poor people who agree: 19%

They don’t watch TV.

“I watch TV one hour or less per day.”
Rich people who agree: 67%
Poor people who agree: 23%

They read … but not for fun.

“I love reading.”
Rich people who agree: 86%
Poor people who agree: 26%

They make a point of going above and beyond at the office.

“I do more than my job requires.”
Rich people who agree: 81%
Poor people who agree: 17%



Business Insider also listed some ways that rich people think differently than the poor. Read the full list at Business Insider.



Rich people believe in the American dream.

“The American dream is no longer possible.”
Rich people who agree: 2%
Poor people who agree: 87%

Rich people value relationships for professional and personal growth.

“Relationships are critical to financial success.”
Rich people who agree: 88%
Poor people who agree: 17%

Rich people love meeting new people.

“I love meeting new people.”
Rich people who agree: 68%
Poor people who agree: 11%

Rich people value creativity over intelligence.

“Creativity is critical to financial success.”
Rich people who agree: 75%
Poor people who agree: 11%

Rich people are willing to take risks.

“I’ve taken a risk in search of wealth.”
Rich people who agree: 63%
Poor people who agree: 6%

With all that being said, is it time to change the way you think or maybe change some habits?


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