How to Avoid Viruses, Trojans, Worms and Spyware

By RMON Networks | March 15, 2016
  • Use antivirus or endpoint security software
  • Install antivirus or endpoint security software on all your desktops and servers, and make sure to keep them up to date. New malware can spread extremely quickly, so have an infrastructure in place that can update all the computers in your organization seamlessly, frequently and on short notice.
  • To protect against email-borne viruses, spam and spyware, run email filtering software at your gateway.
  • And don’t forget to protect laptop computers, desktop computers and mobile devices used by employees who telecommute.
  • Block file types that often carry malware
  • Block executable file types from being received by email or downloaded from the Internet. It is unlikely that your organization will ever need to receive these types of files from the outside world.
  • Subscribe to an email alert service
  • Consider adding a live malware information feed to your website or intranet so your users know about the very latest computer threats.


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