Your IT Systems are Exposed to Attackers if you are Running Intel Based Hardware!

By RMON Networks | January 3, 2018

If you are running Intel based hardware, be prepared to update your systems. Software giants are working overtime to release bug fixes to protect you against this hardware flaw! This latest vulnerability leaves you susceptible to attackers that could access your security keys, passwords, and cached files!

In terms of weaknesses, this is a big one! According to The Guardian, it affects Intel chips made within the last decade, and millions of PCs, servers, and Internet of Things (IoT) platforms. All systems, including Windows, MacOS, and Linux are included if they are using the Intel processor.

What we do and do not know at this time

At this point, we DON’T know the exact nature of the vulnerability, as it has not been released to the public, allowing Operating System vendors time to issue patches. It is EXPECTED that further details of the vulnerability will be released later this week. As this vulnerability is a fundamental design flaw at a hardware level in virtually every Intel Processor manufactured in the past decade, we DO know it is vital that these patches are installed as soon as they are released to prevent the attacks that will no doubt come once the full details are made public.

Please take note: Important performance information

It has been widely reported that once installed these patches will significantly slow down performance, especially with virtual machines and cloud providers – nonetheless, the bug fix is essential to security.

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