Network Audit / Technology Assessment

There are many reasons someone may want a Network Audit or Technology Assessment. Maybe you have been maintaining your own technology for a long time, and are not quite sure of the current state of your network. Maybe you need a second opinion of what your current IT Manager or IT Company is doing. Whatever your reasons are, we can perform our proprietary network audit and review the detailed findings of your current technology systems with you.

In today’s world, you need to know that your systems are secured.
If a data breach ever occurred, you need to know that you did everything you could to prevent it.

Our Network Audit will inventory all your current technology. RMON Networks then reviews the massive amount of data produced by the audit, and presents it to you in terms the “non-techie” can understand. In the image below you will see a screen shot of our executive summary page. This gives you a brief overview of all the info we will review with you.

Network Audit Summary

Each area of your technology will either meet industry expectations, need improvement, or essentially fail. We will dive deep into each of these areas, discussing the technology we recommend you should improve, as well as those areas needing immediate attention.

After reviewing the network audit with you, we will recommend the next steps for remediation, and work together to establish long-term technology goals.

You will find the time our expert consultants spend with you reviewing the findings, and the recommendations they make invaluable.

If you are considering a Network Audit, contact us so we can help!