Security Training for End Users

Security Training

RMON Networks utilizes educational security training for your end users help you improve your security posture. Our training focuses on continually training your weakest link – the end user! We can utilize simulated email phishing campaigns and training modules to help you reduce your largest attack surface.

Your employees / end users are the most likely target for malware attack, and whether they want to be or not, they are on the front line of your security defense plan. If you are not training them, or only discussing security once per year, you are doing them (and your business) a grave disservice. The good news is, we can help you! Let RMON Networks automate defense education for your users with routine campaigns, training, follow-up, and easy to understand reporting for you to review!

What’s Included?

• Managed simulated phishing campaigns
• On-demand phishing assessments
• Personalized security training for end users caught in a simulated attack
• Customized reporting on phishing and training results

Your Information Security Strategy is Only as Good as Your Weakest Link.

Attackers relentlessly target end users with spear-phishing, spam, and socially-engineered attacks. More than 90% of ransomware attacks are delivered via these types of email messages. Our team will emulate basic and advanced phishing attacks to help you identify areas of weaknesses in your organization’s security posture.

Simulated Campaigns

Security training campaigns can be distributed broadly or targeted at specific roles in your organization like HR, Finance, or other departments.

Effective Training Modules

We also supply security training modules that are designed to educate your staff about specific threats such as suspicious emails, credential harvesting, password strength, and regulatory compliance. Your end users will find them informative and engaging, while you’ll enjoy peace of mind when it comes to the future real-world attacks.

Comprehensive Reporting

We can customize reports by company, department, and individual users, providing you with insight into individual performance and company-wide security posture alike.
Real Life Example: A simulated phishing email was sent to a company on January 20th announcing W2s were available for download, and to click the link. 40% clicked the link and 30% reported the email, the remaining 30% did nothing. This example shows there is a great need to train your employees to protect your organization.

Start training your employees today and keep them aware of way hackers are looking to steal credentials.

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