Modern Security Part 3: Synchronization

By RMON Networks | September 26, 2016

Think a cyber-attack won’t happen to you? Think again! Tim Johnson McClatchy of the Washington Bureau recently pointed out that if NSA can be hacked, then who is really safe??

Businesses today, no matter how small or large, are faced with endless cyber security risks. These security risks are forecasted to grow at an exponential rate. Consider how many devices you had connecting to the internet only 10 to 15 years ago. Employees had one desktop PC each, and at home maybe you had one shared PC. Now each person averages approx. 3 connected devices each. According to Garter, 4.9 billion “things” are connected to the internet today, and by 2020 that number will grow to 25 billion! With this increased attack surface, and the growing sophistication of cyber-attacks, protecting your company’s network and proprietary data will only get more challenging.
Small to mid-size businesses (100-500 employees) will have the greatest challenges since they do not have the resources that are available at an enterprise level. According to a study by the US Dept. of Homeland Security, companies with 100-500 employees typically have ZERO people dedicated to I.T. security, and companies with 500-1000 employees average ONE person dedicated to I.T. security. Even with the growing security threats that we face, SMBs (small to mid sizes businesses) are still left with limited budgets and resources to combat these issues.
RMON Networks has teamed up with leading security vendor Sophos to help revolutionize the way you secure your organization. For decades the security industry has been treating network security and endpoint security as completely different entities. A traditional security solution is like putting one security guard outside the building and another inside the building, but not allowing them to talk to each other. Today a revolutionary, yet simple Synchronized Security Solution can be implemented. Synchronized Security is like handing those same two security guards a 2-way radio, so that when one of them spots an issue, the other knows about it instantly. Synchronized Security allows next generation endpoints and network security solutions to continuously share meaningful information about suspicious and confirmed bad behavior across an organization’s entire infrastructure, including mobile devices.
To reverse the trend of increasing incidents and breaches, we must take a much different approach to I.T. security than we have done in the past. To do this, we must implement new solutions that are simple, effective, automated, and coordinated. The good news is that this capability is already available today.
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