RMON Networks’ 2019 Wrap Up – Part Two

By RMON Networks | January 14, 2020

With Part Two of our wrap up we would like to highlight company milestones, events we went to and hosted, and thank everybody who was involved in making 2019 such a great year for us!

Company Milestones


We were first in the world to sell Cisco Meraki MV32 Security Cameras:

As you can see by our press release, we were the first company in the world to sell the Cisco Meraki MV32 Security Camera! We are proud to be able to provide our clients the latest technology in physical and cyber security.


We were Better Business Bureau (BBB) Torch Awards finalists:

In September the Better Business Bureau announced that we were a Torch Awards Finalist for business ethics!

According to the BBB this award is meant, “to gain public recognition for businesses and organizations that maintain a solid commitment to conducting their business practices in an ethical fashion. Each year, three companies of different sizes are selected to receive a Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics. The Torch Awards for Marketplace Ethics is designed to promote the importance of ethical business practices and the willingness and efforts made by outstanding businesses to ensure that our marketplace remains fair and honorable.”

We are proud to be one of the three companies nominated for this award!


Dave Ellis was promoted to Chief Information Officer (CIO):

We promoted Dave Ellis to Chief Information Officer! Dave has been with RMON since 2013 and possesses a broad range of expertise from his 25 years’ in the IT industry. Dave is helping develop new client solutions while working with Tim and Denise Howard on growing RMON Networks’ technology and vision!


We have had several media placements in the following news outlets from new hire announcements, to articles about ransomware:


We were selected as one of the few partners to participate in a new Microsoft security program:

We are working directly with a Cloud Solution Architect from Microsoft specializing in security to develop solutions for our clients utilizing the latest security offerings from Microsoft. He has come to our office to work with us to identify the services and solutions we will be offering and provide guidance and training for our team.


Company Events:

We had the privilege of attending or hosting several events in 2019 and would like to share some pictures here!

We hosted our Second Annual Community Recycling Event:

Our Second Annual Community Recycling Event was a great success! We partnered with local company Bytefixx to help encourage proper recycling of electronics while protecting people’s data and the environment. It was a win-win! Thank you to everyone who volunteered to make this event possible and to all the people who came and dropped off their old electronics to be responsibly disposed of.

We discussed the Dark Web at the Greater Salem Chamber Golf Outing:

We had a great day under our tent on the golf course promoting dark web awareness to attendees of the 2019 Chamber Golf Classic in June!

We were a Toys for Tots drop off location again:

We want to thank our employees, friends, and customers who donated to this year’s Toys For Tots toy drive. We are proud to be a drop off location year after year so our donations can help families in need have a better holiday season!



This year we have educated audiences at several presentations ranging from the importance of data backup to how data privacy regulations can affect the education industry.

Disaster Recovery Plan presentation at Tuscan Kitchen with Seth Cordes:

We went over the importance of Disaster Recovery with fellow IT Professional Seth Cordes at the Tuscan Kitchen in Salem. Having a disaster recovery plan in place critical to make sure your business data is always protected!

Christa Mcauliffe Transforming Teaching Technology Conference (CMTC) round table about Data Privacy:

We had the pleasure of hosting a round table discussion at the CMTC. We talked about data privacy issues and how staff can work together with students and fellow teachers keep their personal data safe. It was the most popular presentation of the session and our table was 2 rows deep!

Speaking about the dangers of the Dark Web and Cybersecurity Best Practices at UMass Lowell’s Innovation Hub (iHub):

We work closely with the UMass Lowell Innovation Hub, a coworking space for startups that provides programming and access to UMass Lowell’s research resources. They have had us onsite twice this year.

In April, we discussed the dangers of the dark web. We returned in December where we had a very engaging discussion about cybersecurity best practices and how they pertain to businesses.



We would not be where we are today without the help of our astounding team. Thank you to all our employees. Our team shows up to work every day with a positive attitude and a readiness to work hard. These efforts shine through with our excellent level of customer service and contribute to our client satisfaction.

We would have nobody to serve if it wasn’t for our customers! We appreciate your willingness to work with us and to listen and trust our technology recommendations. Our mission is to educate our customers and provide the best and most cost-effective solutions to help increase business productivity. Thank you for letting us do just that this past year.

Thank you to everybody who follows us on our social media channels and interacts with our posts. We strive to create great content for our followers and appreciate the feedback we get through our social media channels. If you haven’t already, give us a follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (@rmonnetworks)! Check us out on LinkedIn at RMON Networks, Inc.

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