Secure Business Data, Keep Workers Productive, and Mobile.

By RMON Networks | January 7, 2016

Your employee leaves a phone in a bar. What happens to your data?


Internet User ProtectionIn today’s world, you need to protect your information to protect your bottom line. Unsecured company data can cost you millions of dollars in lost research, regulatory fines, or litigation fees – but protecting your information shouldn’t make it harder for your workers to get their jobs done.

In the age of mobility, how can you Secure Data? Stay Productive? And keep it simple?


Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) makes it easy to protect sensitive information and keep employees productive & on the go. EMS helps companies:


  • Implement multi-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Secure file servers with document encryption to protect blueprints, contracts, or credit card information.
  • Ensure remote or traveling employees work securely on any device.
  • Give workers single sign-on access to 2,500+ applications in the office or at a job site.
  • Prevent regulatory fines and litigation costs by identifying suspicious activity before data can be compromised.
  • Reduce help desk calls by 25% with self-service password reset.
  • Prevent leakage of confidential data from on mobile devices.


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