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By RMON Networks | December 30, 2016

How to use Skype for Business to effectively communicate with remote employees.

Today’s modern workforce is global, mobile, and spread out. Whether your team members are in different office buildings or totally different countries, they have to be able to communicate with each other effectively. Having a mobile workforce can be challenging for businesses, especially smaller businesses with smaller budgets. How can you keep your staff productive each day, and the lines of communication open?

Skype for Business is quickly becoming indispensable to businesses because of the way it combines long-distance communication with real-time collaboration.

First, Skype for Business creates meaningful face-to-face connection — with employees or customers — with zero travel costs. Second, it helps you collaborate in different ways using one application. You can engage in IM, voice or video conversations, as well as share documents or your desktop. Sounds pretty good, right? Guess what? There is more, those are only the basic functions.

We want to invite you to watch our brief video on getting started with Skype for business. Come see how Skype works. If you are only using Skype for Instant Messaging around the office you are missing out on many other great benefits.

Checkout this video from Skype for Business, and see for yourself how EASY remote communications can be!

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