Successful Timing with Social Media ( Infographic )

By RMON Networks | October 3, 2014

No matter what market your in, people are always pushing your towards using social media. Facebook and twitter still yield the most results just due to the leisure factor, you are there not just for business but to keep up with family and friends.

When you post your link, its important to time it right for your audience. Of course if you are a nightclub, your demographic may be a lot different then a small town doughnut shop ( If you are a small town doughnut shop social networks can still work ). This infographic from SurePayroll gives us a great look at the times that most people are on these social networks.


Now this doesn’t mean you have to sit on facebook and be ready to post, there are ways to schedule your post. Including using sites like Buffer or, buffer is free but I hear good things about Hoot. I would always suggest that you make sure when the automated post go onto your page that you make sure it looks exactly how you want. Having an image with your post will increase the click through by over 50% of what a basic text link will do.

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