What the Citrix and NetApp Partnership Could Mean to Your IT Business

By RMON Networks | November 19, 2014

Virtualizing servers and desktops helps companies stay competitive, from complexity reduction to energy cost savings, and more. Two major players in the virtualization and storage industries recently announced a partnership that could have implications for your IT business.

Introducing StorageZones

Two well-known companies have been hard at work developing a new method for accelerating on-premise, large-scale data sharing and storage solutions. Citrix and NetApp have teamed up to launch StorageZones, which will enable Citrix’s ShareFile data to be located “on premises” in a business’s own data center. StorageZones offers IT businesses the benefits of data sovereignty and improved compliance and performance, potentially enhancing business operations.

ShareFile with StorageZones helps you manage data, whether it is located on-premise, in Citrix’s cloud storage options, or a combination of both. With StorageZones, customers can install the Storage Center component in the location of their choice. If your business opts for on-premise, NetApp’s Data ONTAP software helps you manage data access, usage growth and monitoring costs, and other common tasks.

However, ShareFile does not have to become a 100 percent on-premise solution. Since it is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering, ShareFile users retain the flexibility of hosting files on premise or in Citrix-managed ShareFile Cloud storage.

Citrix and NetApp hope their combined efforts will speed up data sharing and storage deployments for their enterprise customers.

What this partnership means to you

According to Citrix and NetApp, StorageZones will enable IT departments to add more storage, perform maintenance, or retire storage, all while sustaining continuous access to data. For IT managers, that means less downtime and more ways to monitor costs and usage. Hopefully, these improvements will allow small businesses to improve agility and lower costs.

Here is a list of how Citrix’s and NetApp’s complementary solutions can boost your data center’s efficiency and flexibility:

  • Save up to 50 percent on storage power, cooling, and space costs.
  • Back up your data often and restore it instantly.
  • Help bring products, services, and projects to market faster.
  • Provision data storage as fast as virtual servers.

ShareFile StorageZones also allows users to sync files for multiple devices. For example, if an employee uses his own Dropbox storage account for sensitive data, that information goes with him when he leaves your company. Using StorageZones provides a place to store sensitive data, and it can be accessed by whomever you grant access to.

Essentially, this new offering allows IT managers, who may be wary of storing all of their company’s important data offsite, the flexibility to choose between customer-managed on-premises storage within their private cloud, or Citrix-managed cloud storage options in multiple locations.

Effective data management, including the use of server virtualization and cloud storage, can increase your company’s IT efficiency, positioning your data center to be more flexible and scalable than competitors. This partnership between Citrix’s server virtualization services and NetApp’s storage solutions will be the next step for many IT companies and is definitely worth your consideration.

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